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Тримісний номер
Тримісний номер
Тримісний номер

Triple room

850 ₴ / per day


cable TV

Other Rooms


450 ₴ / per day

A one-room suite with an area of 6m² to 8m². A budget offer for accommodation in the very center of Odesa.

Euro Standard

750 ₴ / per day

A double room with an area of ​​13m² to 14m² is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay for two people.

Premium / Family

1150 ₴ / per day

Family two-room room with an area of 18m² to 20m² for 4 people with all amenities.


500 ₴ / per day

A cozy one-room room with an area of 6m² to 8m², which will delight you with its wonderful atmosphere and attractive prices for accommodation.


550 ₴ / per day

Inexpensive one-room double room in the center of Odessa with an area of 6m² to 8m².

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